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Did you know that the slopes and peaks of Switzerland is the birthplace of skiing? I guess, not much people know about that, but it is definite that anyone who has seen first-hand the beauty of the Swiss Alps will stand in awe and wonder how the high mountain slopes of this country could take your breath away.

Switzerland is well known for its outstanding sceneries, the clean mountain air and of course, their famous, rich and mouth-watering chocolates. If serenity is what you find, then this is the place that gives you incomparable tranquillity. Strolling along the iconic lakefronts of Zermatt Lake Trail or Lake Luzern is a wonderful experience like no other.

It is quite easy going around Switzerland through different means of transportation. You can go around by train, airplane, and bus or with a private car. Head on to small towns like Chateau d’Oex in the region of Lake Geneva or get a car rental (mietwagen) and drive through the town square in Appenzell to get a glimpse of the happenings and festivals from July to August.

The awe-inspiring lakes with glacial-blue waters give you a refreshing feeling while in a cruise in the flowing Lake Luzern and Zurich. If you are an avid fan of Arthur Conan Doyle, you would definitely want to check out the famous Reichenbach Falls where the fictional character Detective Sherlock Holmes confronts his enemy, Professor Moriarty.

If you have money to spare, it is wise to book for a cheap car hire than transferring from one bus or train to another. Aside from the comfort of a private car, you could also control your trip to the other wonderful places like Giger Museum, the charming Bernese Oberland and Canton Valais that is the longest glacier in Europe.

Aside from the breath-taking sceneries that Switzerland boasts of, never forget that the most delicious cheese for fondue lovers is here. VacherinFribourgeois and Gruyere, Emmental and Sbrinz are just some of the local varieties you will find and can indulge with the whole year. Cheese and wine, are some of the best products that would truly register in your mind when you think of Switzerland. But of course, for chocolate addicts, try and visit Nestlé’s Callier factory to get a glimpse of their chocolate making.

There are so many wonderful activities to do in this country and if you want to get the best travel experience, make arrangements as early as possible with your agents. Because booking car hire in USA has pretty much the same process with car rentals in Switzerland. Let your spirit be renewed and refreshed in a country that brings out all the best in the world.

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