posted by admin on Jul 28

I was a guest at my cousin’s wedding last year. It was the perfect day, and I was so happy for her. I was also thankful for some wedding ideas for my own special day that is quickly approaching now. She actually gave me a lot of things from her wedding to help me save on costs, which meant that I had enough left over in my budget to look at a Platinum party bus in Toronto. I would never have thought of this on my own, but she had one at her wedding. I wanted to take a peek in it, which she did not mind at all.

As soon as I saw the interior, I knew that I wanted this for my own wedding as well. She had a huge bus, so I was hoping that they made a similar one that was smaller. My wedding is going to include a lot of the same people, but it is going to have a much smaller guest list overall. My bridal party is not going to be as huge as hers either, so I only needed a bus that would hold at least 18 people in it.

That might sound big, but it also includes my parents as well as my fiance’s parents and grandparents. We want to include them on this special day, and I know they will get a huge kick out of the limo bus too. After her wedding was over, I went online and looked at the company where she had gotten hers from. I was really happy to see that there were smaller versions. Even though they are smaller, they are still extremely nice and have all of the luxuries that hers had. I am looking forward to marrying the man of my dreams, especially knowing that our special day is going to be so perfect.

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