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Muay Thai or Thai kickboxing, as it is commonly known as, is considered as the best in standing style martial art. It’s the national combat art in Thailand and involves fighting techniques using elbow, fist, feet and knee. Muay Thai is also appreciated as a popular sport these days leading to several competitions frequently. If you too are interested in Muay Thai training, Thailand is the best place to go for since it’s the homeland of the famous standing style martial art. The post here briefs on where to get expert Muay Thai training in Thailand.

You can head for Suwit Muay Thai camp, the eminent Phuket based Thai boxing training camp that has been imparting Muay Thai lessons for more than 25 years now. Everybody is allowed to have Muay Thai training here. The camp is renowned for its extensively trained and seasoned expert Muay Thai trainers who have produced many champions from the camp over the years. The trainers here are ready to accept candidates from any age, gender and skill level. Thus whether you are a novice with no idea on Muay Thai techniques or a kickboxer looking to brush up your skills under expert supervision- Suwit is open for all. Many of the trainees in Suwit come to learn Muay Thai for improvising on their fitness level.

There are two types of Muay Thai training packages at offer from Suwit. One comes at 11,000 Baht (for 1 month) with training and private room facilities. The rooms are well equipped with bed, private bathroom, cable TV and swimming pool. Another training package includes training only and comes at around 9,000 Baht.

The training sessions are held twice a day. Suwit accepts trainees from all over the world and has worked with interested candidates from America, England, India, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Italy & many other nations.

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