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There are two important purposes why security cameras are used, prevention and investigation. The pictures that you gather with the help of your security cameras will be often used to review an accident or a crime so that you can determine what actually happened. But the cameras already have a prevention value as people who know they are being observed are normally on the good behavior.

In order to determine maximum preventive and investigative value from your security cameras, you should choose carefully while installing them. 3 best locations to fix your security cameras are as follows:

Exits and Entrances

Doors of entrance and exit show your best opportunity of viewing and recording facial pictures that can be utilized for the purpose of recognition. In order to catch a good ID image, security cameras should be arranged to see a space of about three feet wide, which is the average width of the door.

Be very careful while indicating your camera towards external part of doors. When the door opens, a quick change in light will make your subject go black often. You will see a dark outline, instead of the facial picture that you are trying to catch. In majority of the cases, you will have easy time in seeing an exit. The lighting will even be more since the security camera will be looking away from the light outside.

Keeping a monitor or a television close to an entrance can also help you in catching good facial pictures. When the visitors or customers walk in, their eyes will be automatically drawn to the television screen or the monitor. If you have placed security cameras close to that screen, you can get a clear and complete facial image. Additionally, if the monitor is showing the surveillance pictures, it will have a powerful deterrent effect as well.

Areas of Customer Transaction

Security cameras must be installed at any important area of customer transaction. This includes kiosks, teller stations and cash registers. Near to exits and entrances, these points are the best places to capture investigative pictures. Try to place the cameras about seven feet high and facing straightly into the area. If you install cameras very high, for example on ceiling, you won’t notice anything but the heads.

Isolated Areas

Back alleys and parking lots are best locations for installing security cameras. The pictures you catch in such areas are good for investigating chaotic situation or violence. Your camera system’s deterrent value also plays an important role in these applications.

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