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The Lufthansa airline is the flagship carrier of Germany and is largest carriers in the entire Europe and is fifth largest in the world. Its headquarters are located in Cologne. The airline is the one of the founding members of the Star Alliance Group that was formed in 1997. The airline operates over 190 destinations over 78 countries in all the 6 inhabitable continents. The airline has its two major hubs in Europe namely: Munich and Frankfurt. This airline has a world’s third largest fleet of passenger airliners. You can book Lufthansa tickets online from Expedia at cheap rates.

First Class: This is offered on all the long hauled aircrafts. Each seat is 2 meter long bed along with a Laptop power point and as well a whole lot of entertainment facilities. The airline has its dedicated first class check in counters to give the passengers a VIP treatment right from the start of the journey.

Business Class: This is offered on all the long hauled aircrafts. The features offered in this segment are more or less the same to those offered in the First Class.
Economy Class: It is also offered on all the long hauled aircrafts. The seats are reduced to 31 inches and there are limited sources for entertainment. Recently, Audio Video on Demand screens has been installed in the Economy Class in newer aircrafts.

European domestic:
Business Class: This short hauled service offers around 31 to 32 inches seats with laptop charging points. The passengers are offered free meals and drinks. There are dedicated Business Class check in points at several airports and there are no in flight entertainment systems are offered in the Business Class.
Economy Class: This offers the modest 31 inches seat along with free meals and beverages with no in-flight entertainment system.

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