posted by admin on Sep 27

I have this idea for throwing an excellent party and I think that the way to make it over the top, and just amazing, is to rent a party bus. It is an idea that just popped into my head recently, and so I haven’t checked it out too much yet. I do not have much experience with how much this sort of thing costs, so I need to do a bit of homework on the subject. I am looking for prices for platinum party bus in Toronto as I was talking to another friend, who I know has rented a party bus before, and he recommended going through them, so I will look into it.

This party I am throwing does not need a party bus to be a great party, but I do not want to throw just a great party, but rather, I want to throw the best party I have ever thrown in my life and one that will be very memorable. Of course, some people probably won’t remember it too well, because of having consumed too much alcohol. Personally, I don’t really drink very much at parties, preferring to enjoy the social aspects of a party over just getting smashed. Anyway, if it is not too expensive to rent a party bus, then I will be willing to pay for it all on my own for this party.

But if it is more expensive than I can handle on my own, I think I can probably get a few of my friends to contribute a bit of money towards it. I haven’t talked to any of them about that yet, but I have some friends I can usually count on, and so I don;’t think this will be an exception to that. So I just need to find prices now.

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