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It is always nice to treat yourself on a vacation at least once or twice a year. Also, it would be better if you are going alone to reduce the stress, pressure and everything that goes with planning. Now the question is where do you want to go?

There are hundreds of tourist destinations which you can choose for your vacation, and if I enumerate and illustrate them to you one by one, this article would turn into a bestseller. Fortunately, the Internet is here to provide the information that you need. But in case you are still having a difficult time, then you can check Lord Howe Island off the coast of Australia.

Measuring only 10 kilometers long, the island features mostly untouched forest, a small community and a few beaches for your pleasure.

If you want to engage in a few activities while you are on vacation, here are some you can try while staying in this island:


There is no mode of transportation in this island, aside from the plane that you will board from Australia. Because houses and establishments are just several meters away, you can just bike your way around the town and get to know some of the people who live here. You will surely have a good time feeling the fresh wind brush your face.


People here have a lot of things they can do because of the slow-paced lifestyle. If you know anyone in this island, you will surely understand why he has such a behavior and a laidback attitude. You may try some sports events during your vacation. Some notable sports games here include lawn tennis, golf and fishing.

Water Activities Galore

As an island that is mainly inclined in tourism, Lord Howe Island has managed to develop a vast number of water activities for their tourists and guests. If you are planning to spend the next few days in this island, you should never miss surfing, diving, swimming and boating among others.


If you dreaded walking in your city because of the pollution and noise of vehicles passing by, you would not worry about such things in this lone and serene island. You will have guided walks which you can do anytime of the day because of the fairly cool climate. However, camping and hiking on the island’s forest-covered mountain is not allowed due to environment protection reasons. The beach is also a good place to start walking until you reach your temporary home.


As you can see, Lord Howe is not just a simple island that boasts its beauty. Its residents have actually united in providing quality facilities and services to its guests and tourists. And through the years, this island has earned the reputation of offering warm greetings and hospitable services to its visitors.

If you are planning to spend a vacation in this lovely island, you should start making the preparations as early as a few months before your actual trip. That way, you would not need to worry about fully-booked resorts, apartments and guesthouses.

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