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More and more people from various classes of society are fond of golf, but it is still considered elite game of gentlemen. As a rule, every beginner faces with a problem of choice when purchasing equipment and outfit for playing: How not to make a mistake and not spend too much money at the same time. This sport development is largely conditioned by improvement of gaming equipment. In fact, equipping of a golfer is one of the main components of the game. There are special rules specifying player outfit as well as clubs and balls to be used during the game. Different golf clubs may slightly vary these rules: for example, some clubs in Myrtle Beach require players to wear gloves, or pants of a certain color, or use the balls of a certain brand…

If you still cannot determine the importance of golf in your life, it is advisable not to buy equipment, but take it for rent in your club. All the clubs in Myrtle Beach offer their clients perfect courses and all the needed equipment for golfing for rent. If you have decided to include this sport in your life for a long time, then we recommend you to consider the following advice.

The set of clubs should include the following clubs: three woods, nine irons and one putter. Wood is the longest club, which allows you to drive the ball over long distances. Newcomers should give preference to the woods of shorter size offered in the store. Iron is the opposite of wood. It is designed for short, but accurate strokes. And the most important club for the beginner is putter, which allows you to make the softest strokes. This club is considered the queen of all clubs. Useful tip: If you are a beginner, use gloves. They will protect your hands from calluses and help inexperienced players to cope with a club. Natural leather gloves are expensive and wear out quickly that is why it is reasonable to buy simple synthetic gloves. They are much cheaper and will serve you longer.

Traditionally, the set of golf balls includes 3 pieces. You should consult the seller prior to purchase, as there are balls with varying degrees of spinning. There are3 types of bags: tour bag, cart bag and carry bag. Tour bag is the biggest and roomy bag made of leather. Cart bags are used by those who drive golf cars. The ideal all-purpose bag is travel golf bag. It is quite easy to carry it around during the game. Special attention should be paid to golf shoes as they must provide a perfect traction with the ground. It is better to buy slightly spiked shoes, which will ensure the best stability during the stroke.

It should be noted that each golf club in Myrtle Beach has its own charter and dress code every player must comply with. Polo shirts, formal trousers and special shoes of restrained colors are traditional clothes. Women are allowed to play in trousers, shorts or knee-high skirt. All golfers wear white socks only. Strict obeying of dress code and club charter is a must.

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