posted by admin on Sep 27

I come from a big family. I have a total of seven other siblings. Four sisters and three brothers. All of us are married and have two children each. That is 32 of us in total, plus our parents and grandparents to make it 36. We get together once a year to spend the day at an amusement park. We rent a party bus in Toronto to get us there and back. The whole day is special to every one of us. It is not like one of those things that we just do because it is expected of us. No one wants to cancel or back out. We each go out of our way yo coordinate the best day to go. We will sacrifice work time and even other special occasions to go together. Last year the event had to be on my birthday. My wife wanted to plan a big party for me, but the only day we could all get together was on my birthday. She gladly changed her party plans so we could go to the amusement park together.

We are a close family. We get together as much as we can. We usually cannot all get together at one time except that one day a year. We all have different holiday plans and family vacation times. This was the first time since I was a kid that all my siblings and nieces and nephews were there with me on my birthday. It was great! The fun started as soon as we got in the party bus. My wife had a video of childhood and other pictures to show on the big screen TV. Then we jammed out to music on the great sound system. We rented the big bus this year. I was glad to have the bathroom in the bus. I had drank a lot of diet soda, and I do not think I would have made it to the park without needing to go!

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